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About Us

Impressions on a photography studio.

StudioDL is an enchanted place where art, science and unicorns* conspire every day to make magic. 

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel an intangible delight every time I have the opportunity to shoot here. The space just feels like a photography studio should feel. Welcoming. Creative. With the potential for great things ever hanging in the air.

Of course all of this magic doesn’t just happen by itself. David has assembled a team of 19 professional wizards, including photographers, retouching artists, producers, assistants; and finance and administrative personnel, who are capable of producing just about anything you can imagine.

You’ll find all the support you need for photography and digital imaging services for billboards, posters, print ads, and online media. Plus that little bit extra that makes all the difference.

StudioDL works with all the important agencies here in Malaysia, as well as many international clients, consistently producing award-winning work, that I am sure everyone can be proud of.

*Disclaimer: Ok, so I’ve not actually seen a unicorn, but I have every confidence that the team could rustle one up if I asked.

Stuart Godwin

Creative Director
Cheil Malaysia